Ampcaddy Review

Jason Tenzer - June 17, 2019

Ampcaddy Review by Jason Tenzer, More Golf Today

 There are 2 types of golfers in the world, 1-old school sticklers to everything that golf was when it was invented … a gentlemen’s game, and 2-new school grip it and rip it and let’s have some fun.  Now, I’m not saying that group #1 doesn’t have fun on the course … of course they do.  But group #2 is most likely the group that will not be up in arms with today’s review on the Ampcaddy.


The Ampcaddy simply put is a Bluetooth speaker for your golf cart.  But trust me, the Ampcaddy is not “simply” a speaker … it’s “THE” speaker.  The Ampcaddy speaker is everything you need it to be out on the course. It has a portable and easy to use mount that secures onto most golf cart frames, or to any secure shaft with a diameter between a half inch to two inches wide. The speaker was designed for outdoor trajectory and will provide great bass with battery life to last you up to two rounds of golf. Once secured, the speaker can swivel left to right and right to left, to ensure the sound will carry to you when you are on the tee box or on the green. Music is proven to elevate athletic performance. Don’t have Bluetooth capability on your device? Plug in the speaker with the Auxiliary cable that we provide.

Ampcaddy was founded with the vision to make golf more fun and has been rocking the course since 2014. It all started in 2011 at Los Robles Greens Golf Course in Southern California, when the concept of enhancing the music listening experience on the course was born during a Friday afternoon Pot-Game. Three years later, the Ampcaddy team formed to launch the first portable bluetooth speaker designed to mount to any golf cart. Passionate about music and golf, the Ampcaddy team is focused on R&D to produce the best possible sound experience on the golf course.



The Ampcaddy was developed to make the game more fun by combining two of our favorite things, music and golf. A speaker rattling in the cubbie of the golf cart or taking up valuable real estate in the cup holder where the sound is muffled just wasn’t enough for us. The answer was clear, we needed to find a solution that was going to allow us to secure a speaker that was out of the way and trajects in the direction of our choice, and of course with great audio quality. 

A few years ago, I was attending a bachelor party at Dos Lagos Golf Course that I was so kindly asked to be a part of.  I was paired up with the bachelor.  When I got in the cart, I noticed a boombox on the floor.  I wasn’t very happy about it, but he was the bachelor and I was all in with whatever he wanted.  I’ve never had music on the golf course.  I guess I was more golfer group #1 than I thought.  At the end of the round, I realized that I had a good time with the music in the background.  It wasn’t loud, it wasn’t distracting golfers on the other holes because they couldn’t hear it, and it could barely be heard on the putting green. A year later, I was invited to play golf with a friend at a private country club, Calabasas Country Club.  Well, on the way to tee box #1, my host turns on the music on his cell phone and walks to the tee box.  Once again, I’m not going to say anything to my host.  At the end of the round I check my scorecard and I shot below my index.  Hmmmmmm….. 

As a golfer that is part group #1, I’m glad I experienced these 2 rounds in my life.  I am now 100% group #2 golfer. 

Why do we need the Ampcaddy in our golf life?  Three words … Because It’s Awesome!



The Ampcaddy emerged in 2014 as GolfBeatz out of Austin, Texas. We worked hard at ensuring the speaker’s durability, audio quality, and battery life. Ampcaddy’s audio was designed by a team of audio engineers in Austin, Texas and has been optimized for outdoor usage. The speaker’s components and housing are manufactured in Asia. The bracket and packaging are produced by local businesses in Los Angeles and Austin. The speaker’s mounting system and bracket are assembled in the United States. 

I’m not a musician and I certainly don’t have an ear to fine tune anything musical, but what I can tell you is whether or not what I’m listening to sounds good.  I’m guessing most of you reading this feel the same way.  It goes with everything, I may not be able to tell you the inner workings of most things but I can tell you if they’re good or bad.  With that said, the Ampcaddy sounds awesome.  I have the Google Home speaker and I listen to Spotify on it, well … I should say, “once I started listening to my Ampcaddy, I used to listen to Spotify on my Google Home”.  The Ampcaddy blows it away. 

Whether you’re listening to your Ampcaddy at home, on the course, or in your backyard, you will be blown away at the pristine sound it produces.  The directional speaker ensures other golfers on the course are not going to hear your ACDC (or whatever you’d like to hear … maybe you’re more of a relaxing Mozart listener while you play golf.  It doesn’t matter as long as you’re listening to it in your cart and through your Ampcaddy) playing in your cart. 


ampcaddy bluetooth speaker review


The bottom line is that music on the course used to be frowned upon by the “get off my lawn” golfer.  Slowly but surely, music is becoming more acceptable on the course.  Here is my way of looking at it, most of us golfers think we’re better than what we are and we were taught that we need “I can hear a pin drop type of quiet” while we play golf.  But you know what, no matter how loud or quiet it is, our round is usually right around our index.  You know what makes me play a better round of golf?  Good conditions and being relaxed.  I can’t really help the good conditions every round, but I can help the being relaxed part.  You know what keeps me relaxed?  Music. 

Music is everywhere we go … the car, elevators, doctor’s office, on hold with companies, your house, commercials, great scenes in movies, restaurants, football games, baseball games, basketball games, hockey games … everywhere.  So why not the golf course?  There is a happy medium between golfer group #1 and golfer group #2.  Simply put, be respectful of your surroundings (that’s something obvious that should be instilled in your everyday life anyway).   I can tell you one thing, the Ampcaddy is now part of my golf game and it should be part of yours.



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