Duotrac 3 Sensor Swing Analyzer Review by More Golf Today

Jason Tenzer - June 17, 2019

I like and dislike doing reviews on training aids.  I like them because it forces me to get away from the computer and “work” on my game.  I dislike them because they reveal how much work my game needs.  That’s okay.  I can live with myself being a weekend hacker like the other 99.9% of golfers in the world.

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There are training aids that assist in grip, shoulders, takeaway, putting, chipping, mental game, you name it – golf has it.  The Duotrac 3 Sensor Swing Analyzer has chosen their focus and it’s on hip sway and club face angle.  The idea is that if you have perfect (well, close to perfect) hip sway and club face angle, you will gain the power and accuracy all pros use for effortless power.  Sounds good.  The Duotrac Swing Analyzer comes with 3 sensors, 1 for your front hip (left hip for righties), 1 for your back hip (right hip for righties), and 1 for your club.  All grips have a hole on the top of the grip therefore the sensor for your club simply screws into that hole.

It’s easy to get started.  Charge the sensors, download the app, then connect the sensors to the app.  Since the app is what stores the data (each swing), you need to have the app on and in close proximity of each swing.  I kept the phone in my pocket.  You can track your swings on the range, on the course, or both.  I used the Duotrac on the range because I don’t want to fidget with too much stuff while I’m on the course.



CLICK HERE to watch the Duotrac Sensor 3 Swing Analyzer Explanar Video

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Do you like to go to the range?  Do you want to improve your game?  Can you understand the idea of a golf tip from looking at a picture?  If you answered YES to these 3 questions then the Duotrac Swing Analyzer is for you.

When you get to the range, it takes about one minute to open the app, connect the sensors, and place the sensors on your hips and club.

When you open the app, you have many choices (we’ll get to that later), click on Practice to set up a “session”.  Each swing will be labeled Swing 01, Swing 02, etc… until you are done.  It’s best to look at the app after each swing to see what you did correctly and incorrectly.  You will see 4 areas for data:  Address, Top, Downswing, and Impact.  Each area will either have a green thumbs up (I didn’t get many of these), or a red thumbs down (I got many of these).

When you get a red thumbs down (you will), you can swipe down on the image to see the “How To Fix” your error.  Each area will show you the club face angle and hip sway that needs correction.




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People nowadays (man, I sound old) want instant gratification.  Most people don’t have the discretionary income to hire a golf pro to fix their swing.  So, if you put those 2 together you will come up with a golf pro in an app … Duotrac.  That’s the best way to think about the Duotrac Swing Analyzer App.  Once the app is set up, you have 3 sections for your swing.


The Practice section is where you want to go when you get to the range (you can use this on the course too).  It’s very simply.  2 steps.  Step 1-Click Practice.  Step 2-Swing.  That’s it.  Once you swing, you can go immediately to the app and view your green thumbs up and/or red thumbs down.  As mentioned earlier, this is also where you can find the “How To Fix” section.  There are graphics to show you where your hips are and where they should be, the degrees off the club face angle is, and your set up.  At this point, you can gather the data to correct your swing and apply it to your next swing.  It sounds easy, but when you’re focusing on moving your hip forward on impact and eliminating the hip sway at takeaway you will most likely mess up something else.  Keep in mind, you’re not going to correct your swing in one day.  During your practice session, you can view personalized coaching  tips to help you in the process of correcting your swing.


The Performance section will show you what your current and past scores, up to date swings, and the sessions for the day.  Today I received a score of 61.9.  I have no idea what that means.  I don’t know if I’m supposed to have a high number, a low number, a red number, a green number (sounds like Dr. Seuss).  The positive part of the Performance section is that it goes back to the “How To Fix” area of each of your swings.  This is a constant action throughout the app, as it should be.  The app is designed to make you a better golfer and the only way to do that is to show you how to fix your current problem.


This is the cream of the app.  I like watching videos and having someone tell me what they’re doing.  You can view videos by Martin Chuck and Andrew Rice on Fundamentals (Grip, Stance, Ball Position, and Posture), Full Swing (Address, Top, Downswing, Impact, and Follow Through), and Fixes (topping, fat shots, slice, hook, and push/pull).







All good things take time.  Reading your hip sway and club face angle problem and correcting it doesn’t happen with one session.  It takes time.  I think the Duotrac 3 Sensor Swing Analyzer is a great product.  You receive just enough information to not completely deconstruct your swing.  The information you receive are little tweeks that are given to you to increase more power and accuracy in your shots.

I would recommend the Duotrac to any golfer that wants to improve power and accuracy (so … everyone).  I see a lot of golfers with horrible hip sway problems.  If they had the Duotrac showing them where their hips are in relation to their swing, they would be able to fix it.



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