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What is More Golf Today?

More Golf Today is a weekly deal golf company focused on offering discount rates on tee times, golf products, and golf travel.

What does it cost to join?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It’s FREE!!! Tell your friends.

How do I purchase today’s deal?

Just click “purchase” on the page of the weekly deal, complete the purchase page (name, address, and credit card information), and the deal is yours once your credit card has been approved.

What happens after I purchase the deal?

You will receive an email with a printable certificate (voucher) featuring the deal you just purchased. Bring the voucher to the golf course and you are ready to go. Hit ‘em straight and hit ‘em long.

Do I have to bring my voucher to the golf course/Can I show the golf course the voucher on my phone??

Yes, you must present your voucher to the starter at the golf course (either a printed certificate or the voucher on your phone).  Each voucher has a unique identifier (voucher number). You must be able to present the voucher number to the starter.

When can I use the deal?

The dates of available use will be noted on the voucher of the weekly deal and on the “This Deal’s Rules” of the weekly deal.

Do I have to make a tee time?

Yes. You must call the golf course for the weekly deal you have purchased and make a tee time in order to redeem your weekly deal.

How many of the same deal can I buy?

Each daily deal is different. The maximum purchase amount by one customer will be noted on “This Deal’s Rules” on the page of each weekly deal.

What if my purchased deal expires?

No problem. The paid value of the deal is valid for 5 years after the deal has expired.  You can always redeem the daily deal for the amount you paid. EX: If you paid $50.00 for unlimited golf, you will not receive unlimited golf but you will receive $50.00 towards golf at the golf course in the purchased weekly deal.  If the vendor goes out of business after the voucher has expired, More Golf Today will not issue a refund for your original purchase.

Can I purchase a weekly deal as a gift or for someone else?

Yes. Our weekly deals make for a great birthday, holiday, father’s day, mother’s day, and “just because you’re great” gift. The voucher is transferable.

Can I combine my weekly deal with any other offers or specials?


When will I get charged for my purchase?

As long as there is no minimum amount purchased to “tip” the deal, your card will be charged immediately. If there is a minimum amount purchased required, your card will be charged as soon as that minimum amount has been reached.

Can I return my purchase?

We will handle each return on a case by case basis.

What if the business for my weekly deal is out of business?

You will receive 100% money back if the company goes out of business while the voucher is unused and valid.  If the vendor goes out of business after the voucher has expired, More Golf Today will not issue a refund for your original purchase.

Will you email me a printable certificate (voucher) for a golf product deal when I purchase one?

No. Our vendors will ship the golf product directly to you.

Will you email me a printable certificate (voucher) for a golf travel deal when I purchase one?

Yes. All instructions will be printed on the voucher.

What about rain checks once I show up at the golf course?

Each course has their own rules. The course’s normal rules will apply to rain checks.

I missed the weekly deal, but I still want it. Can I purchase it?

No. But, there is a good possibility that exact offer will become available in the future. The best way to insure you don’t miss out on a deal is to sign up to our email list.

How often will I receive emails?

Our email campaign will be 1-2 emails per week. This is subject to change.

Do I have to use the full amount of the voucher in one visit?

Yes, unless the deal mentions you are allowed to use a portion of the voucher during one visit and the remainder of the voucher during another visit.

What methods of payment do you accept?

PayPal, Visa, Master Card, and American Express

What if I forgot my password?

Visit the “forgot my password” page, input your email address, and we’ll email you your password.

What if I forgot which email address is attached to my More Golf Today account?

Call 800-735-8967 and we’ll ask you a few personal questions to confirm it’s you and then reset your account.


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