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Imperial Headware powered by Coolcore Review


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I was presented an Imperial Headwear Hat powered by Coolcore for review.  First thought, “A hat that is going to keep me cool without dunking it in a cooler of ice water”?  Hmmmmmm…  OK, let’s check it out.


The patented, chemical-free Coolcore materials deliver three distinct functions — wicking, moisture circulation and regulated evaporation — going far beyond traditional moisture-management textiles by reducing surface fabric temperature up to 30 percent, compared to skin temperature.  In layman terms, it keeps you cooler than wearing a hat from a different company.  Still a little skeptical?  Yeah, me too.

Coolcore fabric formulations have earned the prestigious “ Innovative Technology” recognition from the Hohenstein Institute, a first for a U.S. company, and the only company globally to be awarded this recognition for “Cooling Power”.  Still a little skeptical?  Yeah, me too.

Most performance fabrics focus on moisture movement from point A to B (inside of the fabric to outside), but don’t move moisture throughout.  That’s where the Coolcore fabric differs greatly. Coolcore fabrics not only pull the moisture into the material, but move that moisture throughout the hat to avoid saturation and kick off the regulated evaporation.   Still a little skeptical?  Yeah, me too.

The Coolcore fabric is activated in 2 ways, 1-When you sweat, or 2-When you dip it in water.  Both ways work the same, once the hat gets wet it will transfer the moisture throughout the hat and it will soon become colder.  Yeah, that’s right, it you sweat in the hat it will get colder.  Well, testing the hat at El Tigre Golf Club in Puerto Vallarta in the middle of Summer, I won’t have to wait too long to sweat.  I think I woke up sweating.  Maybe I should have worn the hat to sleep.

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I can go into the technological differences between moisture wicking (this is a big selling point in your golf shirts) and moisture transportation (wicking the moisture away from the skin and then transporting it throughout the material so it doesn’t pool in one spot of the hat.  And the transportation is what starts the cooling effect).  So, do you want your sweat to pull away from your head and sit in one spot or do you want it pulled away from your head and then distributed throughout the hat?  I like the distribution idea.

The aspects that come into play are Wicking – Circulation – Regulated Evaporation.  Guess what?  IT WORKS!  Not skeptical anymore.



You have 2 choices, 1-The Marimekko (your regular style hat) and 2-The Marimekko Visor.   The Marimekko comes in 5 colors (Black, Gray, Navy, Red, and White).  The Visor comes in 4 colors (Black, Gray, Navy, and White).


Imperial 1

Imperial 2


$35.00 for a hat ($30 for the visor)?  Yeah, I don’t like paying $35 for the hat at my local golf shop or even when I’m visiting a golf course on your vacation.  But now add the ‘gaining an edge’ aspect of the purchase, and I’m in.  Come on, we’re golfers and we’ll pay $1,000 to cut one stroke off our game so why not try spending $35?  If the Coolcore technology keeps you cooler and gives you a little more energy for a few shots during the round, then bring it on!



I tried the hat both ways, through sweat and then dunking it in the ice cooler on the cart.  They both worked and it truly felt more comfortable wearing the hat.  The effects of the hat work quicker if you use the ‘dunk it’ technique because you’re making the hat cold immediately.  I noticed 2 things when I dunked the hat, 1-Water stayed in the hat, and 2-My head felt cooler for much longer than when I would dunk my bucket hat.  I’m definitely sold on the Coolcore technology and am looking forward to gaining an edge on the competition next time out (I can use every edge I can get).

Want to contact Imperial: or call 800-950-1916










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