Piretti Fine Putters Potenza II Review

Jason Tenzer - May 23, 2018

Piretti Potenza II Review

by More Golf Today


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In case you haven’t read our first Piretti Fine Putters Review (http://www.moregolftoday.com/piretti-review/), we were introduced to Piretti at The PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.  Now that Piretti and More Golf Today have formed a great relationship, we are giving you a review of their 2016 Piretti Potenza II Black Onyx.  Our first review was of the Ferrara Rev 2.0 with a center shaft, so we figured reviewing a different style putter would be beneficial for you.

If you haven’t held a Piretti Putter in your hands before, hopefully this review will point you in their direction when you’re done reading.



Piretti Fine Putters was established in 2008 with a goal of providing premium milled putters for all golfers. Their focus is on superior craftsmanship, using the finest materials available. Piretti’s designs are classic while maintaining a modern edge.

Piretti golf putters are premium putters milled from a single block of steel, our putters help smooth out the putting stroke and give golfers better accuracy.

Piretti Fine Putters are the finest hand crafted custom milled putters on the market. Their milled putters are designed to smooth out your putting stroke by being heavier than traditional putters. Piretti Fine Putters are also designed with less loft, improving accuracy and distance control on modern greens.

Piretti Fine Putters are proud of many things they’ve produced, but what I am most proud of is that all Piretti Fine Putters are made and crafted in the United States.




Potenza 2.1


The Potenza II is a blade style putter with a plumbers neck that was designed for golfers that like the classic shape and prefer a full shaft of offset.  It features a deep milled face, three tier sole, a very soft look, and is milled from 11L17 carbon steel. The toe hang is 4:30 and it comes in weights of 365 and 375 grams.

For this review, I wanted to review a more traditional putter with the full shaft of offset compared to the center shaft of the Ferrara Rev 2.0.  There are 3 main differences between the Ferrara Rev 2.0 and Potenza II, 1-The 4:30 (Potenza) – 3:30 (Ferrara) toe hang, 375 grams (Potenza) – 365 (Ferrara) grams, and full shaft offset (Potenza) – center shaft (Ferrara).  Both putters are made from 11L17 carbon steel.

 Most of our reviews are done on the practice green so we can putt from all angles and really see what the putter can do.  Well, not this one.  With a 6:30AM tee time, the Potenza II didn’t even get a chance to see the practice green.  It’s straight to the first tee.  As I was standing over my first putt, I had a weird combination of nerves and confidence.  The nerves came from never hitting one putt with the Potenza II, but the confidence came from my trust in Piretti making another beautifully crafted putter.  It didn’t disappoint.  I 2 putted, but that was because putt #1 was about 25 feet away.  As the round went on, the confidence grew each time I pulled it from the bag.  A 3 putt wasn’t getting to my score today.  One thing I noticed that was consistent with the Ferrara Rev 2.0 was the weight of the head.

The 375g weight allows the putter to glide from takeaway to stroke to follow through effortlessly. At impact there isn’t a bounce or skip, there is a nice consistent roll on the ball.  I paid a lot of attention to this aspect of the Potenza II because it’s important to keep the ball on the green as much as possible.  A bounce off the club is something I never want from my putters and Piretti makes sure that doesn’t happen.    The roll is very consistent among Piretti Putters and Mike Johnson, co-founder of Piretti Fine Putters, makes sure the Heavy and Steady keep it that way.  Mr. Johnson designs their milled putter heads to be about 15-45 grams heavier than your average putter.  I found that this added weight reduces the putter from wobbling in the backswing, the putt, and the follow-through.  He likes to call this, “Heavy and Steady”.

Once again, the Potenza II produced a smooth and consistent roll with each putt no matter where I stood on the green.  This can be credited to the Light On The Loft theory from Piretti, “Piretti also designs our putters with 2.5 degrees of loft. Putting greens are getting better and faster, as golf course superintendents are cutting the putting green grasses shorter than ever before. Because of that there is not as a great a depression that the golf ball sits in on the putting green which means we can now use less loft on the putter to get the ball rolling faster.”  This test was a success.

 As a golfer, I love my putter because it’s the most important club in the bag.  Every golfer has a different style of putter they like and a different stance and stroke for their putter.  The trick is to find the best putter that fits your own stance and stroke.  Piretti has many putters to choose from and each putter gives you the option to choose your own configuration (some options aren’t available in each putter), you get to choose from:  Finish, Length, Weight Options, Lie, Grip Type, Grip Color, and Head Cover.  Good Luck getting those options from other companies that are named after certain people “that we will not name”.



Potenza 2.2

 Like all putter companies, there are a ton to choose from.  The best thing to do is listen to Nate Budziszewski, General Manager of Piretti Fine Putters, and select the putter that fits your stroke, select a putter that looks good to you (this will build confidence when you pick it up), and find the right putter length.

Putters are weighted differently to suit different types of stroke. If you have a conventional stroke like Tiger Woods and 90% of professional golfers, then you should be choosing a putter which has a medium amount of toe hang. The Potenza II is an example of a medium toe hang. If, on the other hand you are trying to achieve a straight back and straight through stroke the best style of putter for you will be a face-balanced putter. The Teramo Putter and Savona Puttter are great examples. To determine the amount of toe hang, balance the shaft of the putter on your index finger and look at the clubface: Is the clubface angled toward the ground, the toe hanging downward? A face balanced putter is designed to stay as square to the putter path as possible through the stroke. Most people putt with an open-square-closed stroke where the putter moves on a slight arc. This is the most natural way to putt and putters with about 4:30 toe hang are designed to work most effectively with this type of stroke.



Potenza 2.3

For this type of quality workmanship, you know it’s going to cost you more than the putters surrounding the practice green at your local Golfsmith.  The Potenza II will cost you between $350 -$385 (you’ll make that back from your buddies after a few rounds).  That is the average price for the entry level Piretti Putter.  When you start to talk about exclusivity, you will start talking in the $6,000 range (only 5 made).  With only 5 made, this is more of an investment than a putter.



If you haven’t guessed already, my conclusion is straightforward … Piretti Fine Putters are amazing.  If you’re interested in playing golf with a fine tuned piece of steel, you need to run – not walk – to your computer to find out where you can get your first Piretti Putter.  It’s hard to make a bad putt with this putter.  Sure, you may hit a few short and swing too hard, but the stroke and connection are going to be on point.  Piretti Fine Putters has positioned themselves among the top of the line high end putters in the golf industry and I’m going to say they definitely belong there.  And I’m guessing they’ll be there for a long time to come.

If you’re a putter connoisseur, the odds are you already have 1 or 20 Piretti Fine Putters in your collection.  If you don’t, why not?  I can tell you this, my current putter (big name putter not to be mentioned) may now be my own personal Wally Pipp.

If you’re not interested in buying after the round, invest in a Piretti and make your buddy buy at the 19th hole.

Keep in mind, “drive for show, PUTT for dough”!


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