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What in golf isn’t changing? New golf balls, new golf equipment and a new wave of players at the top of the professional game are only the beginning of what is shuffling in the golf world.

For the team at USGolfTV, things are consistently evolving– and it’s giving them a golfing market they hope to appease.

USGolfTV is first and foremost a small company with a website with a corresponding national TV show. The website is simply, while the TV show is a nationally syndicated golf program which aires in 25+ states nationwide bearing the same name.

While operating a full-scale golf blog and a 30-minute TV show in its 6th season seems like an operation to be achieved by a small army, USGolfTV follows the mold many millennial companies do as a “lean start-up.”

They have 6 core members of the company along with a valued group of corresponding writers, TV talent and PGA instructors.


The Core Group Is As Follows:

Todd Kolb– CEO, Founder and PGA Instructor

Tyler Prins– General Manager and COO

Matthew Paulson– Web Consultant

Nick Anson– Producer/Video Production Manager

Jordan Knowlton– Web Director

Troy Klongerbo– Editor-in-Chief/Web Content Manager

Dedicated Contributors:

Dillon Friday– Staff Writer

Steve Zahn– Contributor

John Klisz– Contributor

David Anicetti– Contributor

Various PGA instructors who deliver periodic content

The entire production is seen through by this team of dedicated workers and golf enthusiasts. They love the game and want to talk about it. No, seriously, check it out. Their YouTube channelhomepage and video channels are chalk full of GRADE-A CONTENT.

Another element of the team to understand is their email marketing efforts. They want to deliver more than simply golf content and golf videos– they want to help golfers everywhere IMPROVE THEIR GAMES!

By signing up to receive content from the team via any of the “email opt-in boxes” featured on their site, golfers worldwide are exposed to FREE top-notch instruction for their games, as well as premium promotions delivered by the USGolfTV team.

These products come with one goal in mind– to help golfers better understand the game of golf, leading to more fun.

The years 2009-2014 have been disappointing ones for the golf industry. Market trends indicated a downward trend in golf activities. Estimations come out to roughly 5 million golfers in America leaving the game. Now why they are doing so is still unclear. It could be any number of reasons, but golfers having more enjoyment will always be a benefactor of this timeless sport.

Through key instruction pieces, the team at USGolfTV hopes to deliver a more appealing game.

We would like to introduce to you our partners, the team at USGolfTV– one of the companies out there fighting for the good of the game.


It’s nice to have company!

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