Antigua Storm Suit Review

Jason Tenzer - May 23, 2018

Before I even get into the review, the first thing you need to do is watch this video (click the image) …

Antigua Storm Suit, Waterville Golf Club, Ireland, Ireland golf


We’ve all heard of the name Antigua, but if you asked a golfer to name 5 golf apparel companies I’d have to guess the percentage would be very low that said, “Antigua”.  I also guess that if we gave 5 golfers a shirt to wear that didn’t have labels on them, Antigua would score higher than most of the other shirts.  That was my introduction to Antigua.  Today I will be giving you my 2nd review of an Antigua product, the Antigua Storm Suit.




Apparel for YOUR Game

The Antigua Group, Inc. is a leading designer and marketer of men’s, women’s and children’s lifestyle apparel and sportswear under the distinctive Antigua label. Antigua has been serving the apparel needs of the Golf, Licensed Sports, Corporate and identity Specialty Retail markets for over 36 years.  That’s right, 36 years.

You’ll never notice who is wearing Antigua, but the Antigua Team consists of several PGA, LPGA, Senior PGA and other nationwide touring professionals. It has become the apparel of choice for numerous PGA, Senior PGA and LPGA tournaments, and currently holds licenses with major professional sports leagues; including the NFL, NBA, MLS, UFC, Arena Football, MLB, Minor League Baseball, NHL and hundreds of colleges and universities. The company’s merchandise, attractive and upscale, can be found in team shops and at major sporting events such as the Major League Baseball All Star Game and The NBA All Star Game. Major retailers count on Antigua to provide national coverage while ensuring local markets are supplied with merchandise for the teams specific to each region.  With continued growth, Antigua now has over 5,000 corporate customers.


 Antigua Storm Suit


I was planning my first trip to golf in Ireland and have always imaging one thing … Cold, Windy, and Wet.  Well, if it was going to be cold, windy, and wet, I was going to need some rain gear.  This time I decided to reach out to Antigua to see about reviewing their top-of-the line rain gear, The Antigua Storm Suit.  As much as I wanted to review their product, I was kind of hoping I didn’t get a chance to.  That would mean I didn’t have to play in the rain.  Well, for Antigua AND YOU, I wasn’t so lucky.  On October 3, 2016, Kerry County in Ireland received the most rain in the history of Kerry County in any 24-hour period in the last 150 years.  WOW!!!  And I played 16 holes in it.  There were 60 MPH winds, rain by the buckets, and standing water in the fairway that looked like an OB water hazard (well, at least I was able to pick it out of the water and place it without taking a penalty).  The weather was so bad, my golfing partner and I decided to play a 2-man scramble to make the round go a bit faster.  We played the 16 holes in a little less than 3 hours (it should have been faster).

If I were going to review a Storm Suit, I guess October 3, 2016 would be the best day to give it a shot.

The course I played was Waterville Golf Club in Kerry, Ireland.  Waterville Golf Club is rated a top 100 golf course in the World by Golf Digest.  If it weren’t for the fact we were only going to have one chance to play Waterville, the review would probably have waited until the next day.  So into the great wet yonder we went with a cart and Storm Suits.  During the 1st few holes, I was moving as fast as possible from the cart to the ball and back to the cart.  Around hole 3, I started to really notice how great the Antigua Storm Suit is.  “I WAS DRY”.  It was unfathomable for anyone to be dry in what I’m playing in, but I was.  And guess what, I wasn’t cold either.  As with all rain gear, the Storm Suit isn’t going to keep you perfectly cozy, but it does provide excellent protection from the wind.

After 3 hours of the biggest part of the storm in the biggest storm in 150 years, my pants started to get a little wet.  This is going to happen to any rain gear on the market.  What would happen is the golf cart seats were soaked after every shot and I would have to sit in it until the next shot.  Impossible to get away from.  But the real test was how the Antigua Storm Suit handled me standing in the rain.  GREAT!  The most time I spent out of the cart was walking to the green and putting.  During that time, the rain simply beaded off the Storm Suit.  I said many times throughout the round how great this material is.


100% polyester waterproof seam sealed fully packable jacket & pant. Front pockets on jacket, elastic cuffs, adjustable bungee toggle bottom hem and hidden inside left chest zipper pocket. Pant, front pocket pass-through, regular pocket, back flap pocket, side leg zippers & adjustable hook & loop tabs at bottom hem and elastic drawcord waistband. Antigua branding on bottom right leg.

SIZES:  Small, Medium, Large, X-L, XX-L

COLORS:  Black




Does it matter how much it costs?  NO!  If you’re playing in the rain, you need to keep dry.



To become a brand recognized world wide for its quality, technological innovation and authentic sports heritage.

ATTITUDE Almost is not good enough. Attitude to please, excel, win. Have passion for all new ventures. NIMBLE & NEW Never say no in delivering an exceptional customer experience. Be nimble across all company departments. Accept and embrace change. Newness in product innovation and company modernization drives the brand. TEAM & TRUST Train our team to be the best and have fun in their roles. Trust in the support of your company, co-workers and business partners.  INNOVATE Constant innovation in products, services, operations and information technology. GIVE, GET & GROW Give back to our community and country. Get our message out relentlessly. Market our Brand. Grow the Business.  UNDERSTAND Understand the importance of our company culture, understand all about the markets we serve and understand the value of our associates. ACCOUNTABILITY Accountable to our customers, associates, vendors and shareholders.




Don’t play in the rain without an Antigua Storm Suit.  Living in Southern California, I don’t have to play in the rain ever.  But, now that I have the Antigua Storm Suit, I will be prepared for those vacation trips that put me in the middle of bad weather.