Jason Tenzer - May 26, 2019
PROS:  Vegan friendly faux leather, good for the environment & animals (save the planet!) – Very durable – Great fit (secures to clubs well therefore decreases chance of club head cover loss) – Lots of variety (colors, styles etc.) – Easier to clean than leather – Easier to take care of instructions than leather – Lots of positive customer reviews on – Reasonable Prices (1/3 of leather) – Selection of many styles and colors (custom options available)
CONS:  Won’t last as long as real leather (leather requires more care than PU leather) – Won’t develop softness overtime, and patina like leather


Craftsman Golf originated in the United States by a golfer named David Johnson. David is passionate about his golf clubs and art creation so he designed and made head covers for his clubs. On a Sunday in 2010, David was searching for an inspiration on a California golf course as usual … this was when a head cover with premium quality leather, carefully stitched with superior craftsmanship attracted him. It was made by a Chinese woman named Ivy that was on her vacation at the time. They conversed freely about golf and head covers. At the same time, David came up with the idea to create a brand of head covers. Craftsman Golf formally began in 2012 by David and Ivy. The company established in the United States, but the products are made in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

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Craftsman Golf’s mission is consistent from beginning to end: to make the best golf head covers! They believe that your golf head cover set reveals your style, spirit, and attitude. They believe every golfer is unique, and that your golf head covers should be too.


You can buy a wide variety of predesigned head covers for your driver, woods, hybrids, irons, and putter. The majority of their head covers consist of different patterns of synthetic leather (glossy leather, crocodile pattern and lychee pattern). They also offer neoprene, acrylic yarn, denim, synthetic leather and neoprene combos. Other golf accessories that customers can purchase are hats, Sunday bags, ball markers, golf ball bags etc.


Craftsman golf can also produce custom head covers. They offer over 300 different colors of synthetic leather with many unique styles. They also do not require you to order a minimum quantity. If you don’t like the styles available, just describe in detail the design to [email protected] and CRAFTSMAN GOLF will create it for you.

craftsman golf head covers, craftsman golf, golf, head covers, golf deal, pga, lpga

craftsman golf head covers, craftsman golf, golf, head covers, golf deal, pga, lpga

craftsman golf head covers, craftsman golf, golf, head covers, golf deal, pga, lpga


I had the opportunity to trial 3 different types of head covers from Craftsman Golf

1) Wood Covers:
“Skull Blue Leather Golf Head Covers” For Driver/Fairway wood #3 #5/Hybrids

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– Premium synthetic leather
– Water and stain resistant
– Soft padded inner liner
– Bungee closure
– Skull & CRAFTSMAN GOLF logo embroidery
– Hybrid cover with exchangeable tag
– Sewn in China
– Price $30.00 USD  + Shipping Cost $23.00 with DHL to USA
Click here for more info: Skull Blue Leather Golf Head Covers

2) Iron Covers:
“Red Leather Iron Head cover Set”

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These iron covers are soft to the touch yet durable enough to offer the ultimate protection for your irons. Fits regular and oversized.
– Premium Lychee pattern synthetic leather.
– Water and stain resistant.
– One set of iron head covers,
10 PCS/Set includes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Pw, Aw, Sw.
12 PCS/Set includes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Pw, Aw, Sw, Lw, Lw.
– Strong velcro
– 4 Colors available: black, navy blue, red, pink
– Sewn in China
– Price $32.00 USD + Shipping Cost $23.00 with DHL to USA
Click here for more info: Leather Iron Head cover Set

3) Putter Covers:
“Gecko Blade Putter” Head covers

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– Premium synthetic leather
– Water and stain resistant
– Soft padded inner liner
– Magnetic closure
– Gecko & CRAFTSMAN GOLF logo embroidery
– 2 Colors
– Sewn in China
– Price $25.90 USD + Shipping Cost $23.00 with DHL to USA
Click here for more info: Gecko Blade Putter” Head covers


(Length of trial period: Started august 23, 2016 till Dec 10, 2016)
I found these head covers very durable. It held up to our local summer sun and heat (up to 35 degrees Celsius) after playing multiple rounds of 18 holes. The color looks the same as the day I first got them. The fit remained unchanged and have been great since day 1. The bungee closure for the wood’s head covers did not stretch out. I do recommend you using these care instructions though.  How to Maintain Faux Leather


The head covers that I trialed were all made of “premium synthetic leather”. When I first realized that these head covers were not real leather, I did not expect them to be as durable as they turned out to be. It got me interested in synthetic leather. So I started doing some research. I compared the difference between synthetic and authentic leather.

Faux leather, or imitation leather, refers to any material that resembles the look and feel of genuine leather. The materials range from flexible fabric to plastic, sometimes even paper. It is then coated, embossed or printed to simulate the appearance of real leather. Artificial leather and synthetic leather are also two of several names commonly used to describe faux leather.

There are 2 kinds of faux leather:
1. PVC Leather
-PVC leather is a type of faux leather that is made by covering a base of natural or synthetic material with vinyl, made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and plasticizers.
-PVC has no pores which makes it virtually waterproof, but may become unbreathable in hot temperatures.
-Due to its plastic nature, PVC leather requires no special care or conditioning in comparison to genuine leather, but may crack with extended use because of the application of plasticizers.

2. Polyurethane (PU) Leather
-PU leather, also known as bicast leather, bycast leather or split leather, is made by covering a backing fabric such as cotton, polyester or shredded leather with a layer of polyurethane.
-It’s surface can be treated to look and feel like real leather, which makes it the most common faux leather these days.
-Unlike PVC leather, PU leather has microfibre pores, which allows it to “breath” better than PVC, but still easy to clean and maintain like most plastic.
-In some regions, people consider PU leather as genuine leather when a stratified layer of animal hide is used as backing.
-However, PU leather neither develop a patina nor exhibit characteristics associated with aniline leather. Therefore the use of terms like “leather”, “genuine leather” or “100% leather” in relation to PU treatment is not permitted in countries like Denmark, New Zealand, and United Kingdom.

Now back to Craftsman Golf…
I have not had any issues with the golf head covers. I play golf at least 3 times a week during the summer and fall, walking 18 holes. The color on the head covers look like new, the stitching, velcro and elastic on the bungee closure still remains in tact. The iron set head covers and the putter head cover have a nice padding to them which provides good protection when the clubs hit each other. I find the “skull” driver and woods head cover on the other hand to be on the thinner side for padding but nevertheless it still provide good protection. Also, I was skeptical of the bungee closure on the driver and woods head covers because I thought the elastic will wear out with the consistent motion of taking the covers on and off … but so far so good.

Is PU leather the choice for you?
PU leather head covers on Craftsman Golf are more affordable compared to real leather head covers. For example, the “Skull Blue” (1 driver, 2 woods, and 1 hybrid) head covers set is 30$ USD on Craftsman Golf, and it is 55$ USD for 1 “cowhide” driver head cover on “”. Another example, the “Gecko blade” putter cover is $25.90 USD on Craftsman Golf, and a genuine leather blade putter cover is $39.00 USD on “”. So it is undeniable that “real” leather golf head covers are more expensive than synthetic leather.

Aside from price though, what are other advantages from synthetic head covers?
-More styles to choose from. Usually real leather head covers are very simple and plain. Also, if you want any design added onto it, it is an extra charge on top of the already expensive head cover.
-Lower maintenance with synthetic leather. They are less porous therefore liquid do not seep into the cover, essentially making it waterproof (good for rainy golf days). Often you will get dirt or mud on your head covers from playing 18 holes, its inevitable.. you can simply use soap and water to wipe clean on PU leather.
-You can switch up golf covers more often. If you are the type of person that likes to switch golf covers up, PU leather is not as expensive as leather and generally won’t last for generations, you can buy a new set of head covers changing up the look of your golf bag without feeling guilty.
-PU leather can be free of animal products, so it is “vegan” friendly. You just have to make sure the backing does not consist of stratified animal hyde.

Leather option is better for you when…
-You are the type of person that likes the “classics” and keep your head covers for a long time without having the urge to replace them. I believe that leather will outlast PU leather. I have not compared a real leather golf head cover to a PU head cover, but I have owned a PU leather jacket and a leather jacket. The leather jacket is still in my closet where as my PU leather jacket ended up in the landfill after 3 years of consistent wears.
-You like to take the time to care for your products. Leather products require more care compared to PU leather.


“The material is first rate, quite thick and feels like real leather; but more importantly they slip on and off very easily, causing no interruption in the flow of your game. Just slip off and into a pocket during your shot, then right back on and into your bag. As an added bonus, with a little practice they’ll even accommodate hybrids – that works great for me since I use 3-5 hybrids and 6-up irons. Superb value in my book.”

“I was skeptical when I bought these, because I hate faux leather (pleather) and thought for sure these would feel either stiff and plasticy or fray around the edges. I delayed writing this review for months because I wanted to see how they held up. I have now used these all summer and fall, golfing four time per week while walking the course. These covers have held up nicely. They look nice and the synthetic leather feels thick and surprisingly supple. They also fit over both normal blade irons and the fatter bulbous hybrid-type irons.”

“I like the size of the numbers and the feel of leather. I rated it 5-starts because I got what I expected and how they look and feel. A little disappointed in that the numbers were not printed on both sides, but not enough to rate it lower. I will definitely recommended to my friends and would re-buy them again when need to.”

“Great product! Quality of materials and stitching were as promised. These covers fit oversized clubs and have velcro strips to prevent them from falling off. What separates this set from others is the fact that the wedge covers are included. Just wish that numbers were stitched on both sides.


To wrap it all up, the trialed Craftsman Golf head covers held up nicely. I have not lost any of the covers which shows that the covers attached onto my golf clubs securely. I golfed in rain, and high heat and the color on the head covers are still bright and vibrant as the day I received them. The stitching, velcro, magnet, and elastic are also still in great shape. I did not find the head covers softening up though, which could be because it is made of synthetic material (although, the material is not tough to begin with). It is easy to slide the head covers on and off so I did not find it interfering with my many rounds of golf. The customer reviews listed above are from Amazon and were on the head covers I trialed. Only the iron covers had a large number of customer reviews, 75% of the reviews sat in the 5 stars category. That is a strong indication of the iron covers being a good product. Unfortunately, there was less feedback for the wood covers and putter cover, therefore a strong conclusion about these products could not be drawn from the small amount of reviews listed. I personally find these head covers by Craftsman Golf are made of high quality and are offered at an affordable price. Even though they are not made of real leather, the appearance of these head covers do not look cheap. The wood head covers for example resemble the real leather head covers style sold on, and but for 1/3 of the price. If you are someone that values leather products though, you may not be satisfied with synthetic head covers because no matter how close a company tries to make a product look like leather, it still misses some leather qualities. For example, the softness overtime, and patina. I do recommend looking around on Craftsman Golf website and before you make a purchase. I found that sometimes you can get a better deal on compared to the Craftsman Golf’s website, and vice versa depending on the head cover.


Thank you for another phenomenal golf review.