Max Golf Protein Review by More Golf Today

Jason Tenzer - April 23, 2019

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 Creators Of The World’s 1st Protein Drink Made Specifically For Golfers


I was introduced to Max Golf Protein the old fashioned way, Twitter.  As I was scrolling through the daily feed of great shots, Tiger bashing, illegal anchoring, and political correctness in 142 characters, I came upon a protein drink.  Since I drink protein drinks, I had to check it out.  I like what I read so I reached out to Max Golf Protein to see if their UK drink is sold in the U.S.  NOPE!  Oh well, back to my U.S.A. staple for protein (to remain nameless).  So getting them to send a care package to me across the pond was useless as they don’t have a market in the U.S. right now.  Ah, I’ve got it.  I’m going to be in St. Andrews, Scotland the week of August 12 and maybe they’ll send a package to my hotel.  After a few messages back and forth, a package will be waiting for me at my hotel and awaiting my review.


Seeing that Max Golf Protein is only available in the UK, I haven’t spoken with anyone that has tasted it yet.  I’m getting ready to tee of at Kingsbarns Golf Links in Scotland and I feel this is the perfect time to give it a go.  A firm shake to mix everything up and I’m ready to go.  I’m hoping it’s not too thick because that would give the “too heavy” feeling in my gut.

First sip … GREAT!  I’m sold instantly.  It’s light and tastes like a vanilla shake, my favorite.  Now I need to try to not down it all at once.  I spread it out over a few holes to ensure the protein gives me that extra giddy up for the entire round.

I was also sent the Peanut Bar to review as well.  When I received it, I was hoping it was just going to be peanuts and not peanut butter.  I think I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t like peanut butter besides the people that are allergic to it (and I’m sure half of them like it).  So, I can’t give a review on the Peanut Bar because it would be misleading.  But, I can tell you my playing partner liked it.


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Sure, something may taste great (I like Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy).  Sure something may have great ingredients.  But how is it going to affect me personally.  I know everyone is different, so how my body reacts to something may be different than how your body reacts.  When I’m at work after the gym and after my protein shake, I usually visit the loo (I figured I’d go with a UK term) 3-4 times in the next 4 hours.  I can tell you one thing, I didn’t spend any additional time in the bushes (not many bathrooms on the course) during this round.  GREAT!  And to boot, I didn’t have any type of bloated feeling that can occur with protein drinks.  I am completely sold.  Oh, did I say that in the last section?



Well, this part sucks.  According to their website, they currently do not ship to the U.S.  I’m sure if they did, it would be a fortune.  I have 2 choices, 1-Move to the UK (good luck convincing the wife of this one), or 2-Only get my Max Golf Protein on my UK golf trips (I guess I’m going to make this a more recurring occurrence.

GRADE:  F (sorry, the product is great but unavailable to me).  But, if you live in the UK, the GRADE would be an A+

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Why is protein good for golfers?

Golf is a demanding sport, and after 18 holes your body needs a good dose of protein to help with those sore backs and legs. Max Golf Protein contains 25g of milk protein and is a healthy drink and snack in one to take out in your golf bag.

Why should I have a Max Golf Protein shake instead of my usual chocolate bar and energy drink?

Chocolate bars and energy drinks have a massive amount of sugar in them which will give you a big energy burst that will last for a couple of holes – but what goes up must come down – so when you’ve had this massive boost chances are around 20 minutes afterwards you will crash back down and feel exhausted as well as less able to concentrate.

So why should I choose Max Golf Protein?

Max Golf Protein contains a slow release protein and just the right amount of carbs to keep you going around 18 holes. It keeps you feeling fuller on the course, has a high protein content to help those muscles, and a very low fat content, especially compared to other refreshments available in golf shops. It tastes just as good as (if not better than!) any treat, but has all the health benefits to go with it – we may be biased but it’s a win-win situation.


I am 100% in on Max Golf Protein.  When they decide to get their products in the hands of U.S. golfers, More Golf Today will be first in line to get their product into the hands of as many golfers as possible.  But until that time, I’m going to have to wait until my next trip to the UK.

 max golf protein, golf, max, max golf, protein, drink, protein drink