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Topgolf Las Vegas Review




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If you haven’t heard of Topgolf then you’re probably not a golfer. I found out about Topgolf last year through blogs, posts, tweets, and every other social media outlet available.  I was very intrigued to see how a “driving range” was going to change the way we think about driving ranges.  Simply put, Topgolf is the newest and greatest thing in golf since, well, golf.  If you don’t know, Topgolf is a driving range – target practice – bar – restaurant – concert venue – clubfitter – party – EXTRAVAGANZA!


Topgolf, las vegas, golf


As I walked through the front door, I was immediately greeted and asked if I needed any assistance.  With so many choices of what to do, this is an excellent way to start my Topgolf experience.  After speaking with the nice employee, I was taken on a behind the scenes tour of the biggest and baddest Topgolf location in the U.S.  The Las Vegas Topgolf location cost over $80M to build.  From what I was able to see, every dollar was spent wisely.  The 45 minute tour took me from the ground floor Callaway Fitting Studio to the top floor private entrance for VIP’s (I won’t name the names of the list of A-listers that have hit balls in their private hitting bay with showers, bar, lounge chairs, and all around 1st class amenities).


 Topgolf, driving range, golf, las vegas


 Every inch of Topgolf Las Vegas is meticulously designed to give you the finest experience possible.

* 108 Climate – Controlled Hitting Bays:  This is the main attraction of Topgolf.  You choose a target from 25 – 180 yards to land in.  You don’t need pinpoint accuracy, but the closer you get to the pin, the more points you score.  Think of darts, but with golf.  There are 7 games to choose from, TopGolf, Top Pressure, Top Scramble, TopDrive, TopChip, TopShot, and TopScore.  Click here to read about each game  You do not need to be a pro or even a good golfer to enjoy hitting balls (although it doesn’t hurt if you want to win).  The targets are big and the bounces well (missed shots can still get you points).

* VIP Cabanas & Private Suite:  That’s right, you can get a private suite and cabana to go with your own personal hitting bay.  Don’t want to go through the front entrance, no worries because there’s a private entrance for the full VIP treatment.  You can get your own staff to be at your beck and call.  Your VIP Cabana also has a shower for when you want to jump in the pool to cool down.  Next time you even contemplate getting bottle service at the club, you need to seriously consider getting a Private Suite here.  Trust me!

* 2 Pools:  Yes, a driving range has 2 pools.  Hopefully by now you don’t think of Topgolf as a driving range with amenities.  This place is Disneyland for adults.

* Golf Lessons:  Having some troubles hitting it straight?  Topgolf U is also available.  At Topgolf U, they’re redefining the way people learn to play golf. They’re certified pros help students develop and practice the fundamentals of the golf swing in a high-energy environment that’s constantly being updated and upgraded so no two lessons are ever the same. There are 4 different Topgolf U packages to choose from:  Beginner, Junior, Ladies, Skill.  Click here if you’re interested in lessons:

* Callaway Club Fitting Studio:  If you’re hitting clubs that you bought off the rack or were handed down to you, you’re probably hitting the wrong clubs.  I highly recommend getting fitted clubs for.  And guess what?  Topgolf has their own Callaway Fitting Studio to get you everything you need down to which ball is best for you (there’s a good chance you’re hitting the wrong ball too).  Of course at Topgolf, the Callaway Fitting Studio is top of the line too.  All fittings occur indoors in a state-of-the-art fit bay that utilizes Callaway’s proprietary fitting software and state of the art launch monitor equipment.  The launch monitor captures club and ball dynamics before, at, and after impact, and then simulates ball flight in a 3D environment.  Callaway’s proprietary software displays — among other impact data — club speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rates, angle of attack and clubhead path.  The Callaway Fitting Studio features Callaway’s proprietary OptiFit Fitting System, allowing guests to test numerous drivers and irons with a variety of shaft and clubhead combinations in a matter of minutes.  Callaway Fitting Studio Club Specialists that have been intensely trained to find the right clubs for every level of golfer staff the studio.  Golfers can be custom fit for woods, irons, putters or all of the above.  Click here if you’re interested in getting fitted:

* 5 Unique Bars:  There are bars on all the levels.  You can sit a bar, watch your favorite game on TV, and play video poker.  One of the bars, “The Riv Bar”, is dedicated to the old Riviera Hotel & Casino that was recently torn down.  What a great way to pay tribute to a Las Vegas staple, The Riviera.  In my opinion, this is probably the coolest thing here (but I’m old school and dig these types of things).

* Sports Book:  Why wouldn’t there be a sports book here?

* Slot Games:  You don’t want to hit balls?  You don’t want to take a dip in the pool?  You don’t want to watch sports on a gigantic big screen?  No problem.  You can hang out at the bar and play video poker while you sip your drink of choice.

* Private Meeting Rooms & Event Spaces:  Team building?  Topgolf has that handled too.  With private meeting rooms and event spaces, you can host your office for some golf and work activities.  Or better yet, have your next business meeting there.  That’s gotta help you close the deal.

* Concert Venue:  Not interested in golf?  Swimming?  Watching sports?  Video poker?  No problem.  Topgolf is now putting on concerts in their 900 seat venue.




Topgolf, food, golf, chicken wings, las vegas


We know that sharing great food and drinks with loved ones is a key part of creating memories at Topgolf. Tapping into the region’s top culinary talent, Topgolf Las Vegas features an accomplished Executive Chef and chef-driven menu. You’ll find a fresh twist on American classics, local specialties and brews, plus unexpected new creations. With shareable portions and fresh, high-quality ingredients, we hope you find the food and drinks as enjoyable as the games.  I’ve tasted about 5 different items off the menu and I wasn’t disappointed.  This last trip was a burger, chips, and the Sea Bass Sliders.  Awesome!



  • “The game was awesome even though we weren’t ‘golfers’ and the food was out of this world.”
    Melanie Kepler, Allstate
  • “Hospitality all the way! Everyone was well taken care of and had a great time.”
    Tamara Jafri, Nike Golf
  • “Your staff was was exceptionally helpful & attentive, and the service was impeccable.”
    Lamont Petersen, Hyundai Merchant Marine
  • “Topgolf was an absolute blast and everyone had a great time”
    Jay McvaySouthwest Airlines
  • “My compliments to the chef – every dish was tasty, hot and delicious, which made our event a grand success”
    Michael and Kim Smigiel
  • “I have never experienced a more professional team. I felt like they were just as excited to have us as we were to be there… we will definitely be back!”
    - John Corgan, Texas Instruments
  • “Thank you so much for helping to make our fundraiser a success!”
    The ELI “Green Team”


 Topgolf, golf, Las Vegas, bar



It’s not cheap, but it’s definitely worth it.  Pricing ranges from per hour from $30-$90 sepending on time, day, and level (you can hit on level 1, 2, or 3).  Each bay can hold up to 6 players, so when you get a group together the price isn’t too bad.  Hey, nothing this much fun should be cheap.


 Topgolf, las vegas, golf, pool


It’s a shame the term “The Greatest Show on Turf” is already taken.  This is the new hot thing to do and I don’t see it going anywhere soon.  Topgolf is taking over the golf world and expanding quickly.  I’m going to have to book my next trip to Las Vegas so I can spend more time here.  I’m in love.   I’m sold and you will be too once you step foot into Topgolf Las Vegas.



Topgolf Las Vegas

4627 Koval Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 933-8458


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